Second day – I don’t understand nothing in english!!!

My second day in united state, is very confused for me, I’m very silent and walk very lot, walk to 2st Street to 106 st Street, for the coast and the way for five hours, I’m was tired …. What walk? What see? What sense?

Walk because I need think and rest about my life, I’m always worked and this country is diferent, not is firth date of out country, but is firth go to USA, I remember for Brazil, I don’t knew portugués and only small language portugués, then learn because I like Brazil and portugués, in United State is diferent, I don’t like learn english but i need study for thing of live, is very confused this all, I understand but I don’t speak nothing in english, I studied in school and university, but see you, not understand is because I don’t speak/read/write in english.

I don’t know how persson learn english or any language, any Word, any pronunciation, any learned, any speak, any Heard, any think in other language for example Radim, my friend his is perfect in spanish, I have 3 years old with portugués and very confused speak/think/read in this language, I don’t born this condicional, I don’t knew how operative of world…..

I’m very bad and think……


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