Three Day – All pay All!!!

My three day is other experience for life, I would here all, ALL fee, ALL pay for ALL, internet pay 4.95 USD per hour, PER HOUR, very crazy people, in Colombia is (free) or most cheaper what that, this moment, I’m Airport where pay 5.00 dollars for used for small car of wheels, 160 USD per ticket for bus between Miami to Atlanta very expensive for GrayHound, I pay to the hostal, one hour the pass (exit to hostal 11, I arrived for 12 pm), pay 15 dollars, ALL PAY, is world crazy, is people crazy, I’m crazy but is needed stay here, this oportunities by life, one single time a life…. I need learn, I need who’s me love.

I like find the love, she is very special for me, the solely stay for here (in USA) is find love nothing more, she would similar in height, only condición …. Others not, five years only, five years with loneliness is very sad, I’m very ugly, but I have feeling … I’m good person, but I need get any women!


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