Six Day – knew tha atlanta and yours curiosity city.

I walking all time, i loved walk, i love transportion for the foot and in USA is very big, if you want know a city, welcome walk you, since plaza fiesta to downtown, going two hours more or less, is Little for me, I remember walked for 12 hours the vila costa in Cundinamarca to a county I not remember in Boyaca, and the terrein is very montains, I walk is very flat, is very similar a site for the film and very poor’s also, but is not case, is quite confused for me, the persona tall and not like walk.

After in the center, I want know the cnn is very big and very cost for me, for example one hamburguer any, I cost for 0.5 cent of dollar in the Street (a como a miiiiil) same similar hamburguer here 3.5 us dollar, and hamburger is very Little.

Other thing, all change all….. another post wrote this.


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