Seventeen day – My test

My test, I dislike for test, at university make a problem, I don’t how finished my bachellor (ba) in Systems Engenniers …. always scary of test, I don’t live (in others moment speak about this success, one intent of suicide and others once, my depression is terrible), I need help me.

Good, my firth test in USA, I was terrible, I think about this is error, this test is divide for three mini-test, firth is write about five questions, the question that I choose, was the fourth, about generations my parent’s is better or (Worse… this word always not remember), I writting about is better the world but I need for people that undertands a relatioship the world needed, not people the used only cellphone or whatsapps, or facebook or … or technology in general, the world need people feel, sense, think distinct not people waste, only thinks in they.

second my mini-test, speak, I’m terrible speak only speak for 10 minutes, very very very and very … only word what say, a teacher’s poor of me, lounge for inside, She said stupid speak about this photo and al ready! is the terrible movie … I don’t know to make here …. good the head on, because not stay others way.

Third, my final test, I’ve many terror in this exam, this listenning and your asnwers fill the paper’s, and work the questions …. me fue totalmente desastrozo.


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